Yamba Shores Tavern Rewards Program

A loyalty program with big benefits and advantages for frequent and loyal customers of the Yamba Shores Tavern & Shores Restaurant.

Tavern Rewards members are rewarded for their food, bar and bottle shop purchases at Yamba Shores Tavern & Shores Restaurant. Every $2.00 spent on food and across the bar generates one (1) Tavern Rewards point. Every $4.00 spent in the bottle shop generates one (1) Tavern Rewards point. Points accumulate for members to use on any subsequent purchase. This venue encourages the responsible sale, supply and service of alcohol.


These Terms & Conditions form the basis of the Yamba Shores Tavern Rewards Program, known as “Tavern Rewards”.

  1. Membership
    • Membership is free and is open to all individuals aged (18) years or above. Proof of age will be required prior to acceptance of membership. Only individuals may be members of the Tavern Rewards program. A person who is invited to become a member can apply in the ways provided by Yamba Shores Tavern (YST); and will be bound by these Terms & Conditions, as varied from time to time, upon acceptance by YST (for written application forms) or upon the member using their Tavern Rewards member card or entering into any transaction that would, give rise to reward points. These Terms & Conditions will apply to all Tavern Rewards program transactions, whether before or after these Terms & Conditions become binding.
    • Employees and their immediate families are ineligible to join the Tavern Rewards program.
    • Yamba Shores Tavern may refuse any application.
    • Points will not be credited until these Terms & Conditions have become binding.
    • Tavern Reward cards are issued on the basis of one card per individual.
    • Tavern Reward memberships will become effective on the date of successful card activation.
    • Members participating in the Tavern Rewards program consent to receiving promotional material from YST and its suppliers via email and SMS.
    • A member must notify YST immediately of any change of address or of a lost or stolen membership card. YST is not liable for any delay in replacing a membership card or for any unauthorised use of a membership card. You may apply for a new Tavern Rewards card if yours is lost or stolen. Any accrued points will be transferred to your new card. A fee may be charged by YST for the provision of a replacement card.
    • YST may terminate a membership in the Tavern Rewards program without notice for any reason including, without limitation, if the member: Fails to comply with the Terms & Conditions; Abuses any privilege accorded to the member under the rewards program; Supplies any misleading information or makes any misrepresentation to YST in connection with the rewards program or if the member does not use their membership card for a continuous period of 12- months or dies or becomes bankrupt. After 12-months such contact details will be deleted from the YST rewards program database and the members point balance deleted.
    • A member may terminate their membership in the rewards program at any time giving written notice to YST. Upon receipt of such notice the members contact details will be noted on YST rewards program database as closed. After 12-months such contact details will be deleted from the YST rewards program database and their members point balance cancelled.
    • Membership cards are not credit or charge cards, are not transferable, point balances are not redeemable for cash and the card remains the property of YST.
    • Membership cards must be presented for all purchases and redemptions.
    • Any tax, liability, or duty arising from a member’s participation in the rewards program is the sole responsibility of the member.
    • YST will terminate unused points for any card that has not accrued any points for two years. YST will not notify members of the cancelling of these points and shall not be liable any way if the member fails to redeem the points before the two year anniversary of the unused points accrued.
    • YST may use agents or contractors to carry out all or part of the Tavern Rewards program on its behalf.
    • YST has taken, and will continue to take, all reasonable care to ensure that information within the Tavern Rewards program is accurate, but does not accept liability for errors or omissions.
  2. Earning Points
    • Rewards points are awarded to a member by purchasing qualifying goods and services at the Yamba Shores Tavern and/or Shores Restaurant.
    • Reward points may also be credited to a member’s account for promotional and incentive programs offered by YST from time to time.
    • Points are awarded on the value of the purchase made including GST. This excludes all purchases made through gaming and group functions. YST may exclude products from time to time.
    • To qualify for Tavern Reward points the Tavern Rewards card must be presented at the till when purchases are made. Transactions without Tavern Rewards cards cannot be recorded and therefore, cannot count towards reward points.
    • In the event of a query, a member’s receipt will be required as evidence of purchase and this must be produced at the time of the transaction. YST’s decision in the event of a dispute is final and binding.
    • YST may at any time, change the calculation which determines the value of points.
    • Tavern Rewards points will be generated as follows:
      • Food Purchases: $1.00 generates 0.5 point
      • Bar Purchases: $1.00 generates 0.5 point
      • Bottle Shop Purchases: $1.00 generates 0.25 points
    • Tavern Reward points will be rounded down to zero decimal points. For example, a Food or Bar Purchase of $32.15 will generate (16) points. A Bottle Shop Purchase of $32.15 will generate (8) points.
    • Every Tavern Reward point is valued at 5 cents. 100 points, for instance, are valued at $5.00
    • Point Statements/Balance will be available at a Tavern Cashier during time of transaction.
  3. Redeeming Points
    • Points can only be redeemed in the Bottle Shop, Bistro & Shores Restaurant.
    • In order to redeem points, a member must notify a YST staff member before the transaction concludes that the member wishes to use their points as payment and must present their membership card at the point of sale.
    • Minimum redemption value is $5.00
    • Points awarded on one transaction can only be redeemed on the subsequent transaction/transactions.
  4. General
    • In additional to deductions for rewards claimed, YST will deduct from the points balance in a members account any points credited in error and any points relating to a transaction which is cancelled or reversed or where a refund is given.
    • Where there is a split bill only the portion being paid by the member will accumulate points, not the total bill.
    • In the event of a power failure or system malfunction resulting in the non-allocation of Tavern Reward points, such points will not be subsequently allocated.
    • YST reserves the right to make any changes at any time without prior notice and at YST absolute discretion, to these Terms & Conditions. YST will attempt to notify members of any changes but shall not be liable in any way for failure to do so.
    • YST also reserves the right to make any changes at any time without prior notice and in their absolute discretion to the goods which are qualifying YST goods and services and the number of points which members will receive as a result of acquiring such goods and services.
    • YST reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Tavern Rewards program at any time without prior notice. YST will not be liable for the suspension or termination of the Tavern Rewards program on any account whatsoever including (without limitation) for any points balance in a member’s account at the time of suspension or termination.
    • A notice shall be deemed to be given by YST to a member if it is sent to the postal address or email address of the member, appearing in the Tavern Rewards program database.
    • It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years. Members of the Tavern Rewards program will be asked to provide identification that proves that they are over 18 years of age. The Tavern Rewards program membership card does not constitute valid proof of age identification



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